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The Vibe of the Flood

This rather soggy vibe begins in the earliest days of Creation, by which time God’s people have already decided that doing their own thing is preferable to being obedient to their maker. In a fit of pique, God decides to reverse creation and to take the vibe back to day one, when the Earth was still covered with water. Thankfully for the human race, there is one good man left who God wants to survive the apocalypse: Noah. Noah is instructed to build a giant boat and to load it up with his family, two of every animal and enough food to keep them all going for a long time. The flood is vast. According to the Bible, it rains for forty days and the floodwaters are so deep that the highest mountain is still around twenty feet below the surface. The flood kills every living creature that needs dry land to survive and the earth is covered for 150 days. Eventually the waters start to recede, beaching the Ark on top of a mountain but the land is still completely waterlogged.  After another forty days, Noah opens one of the windows in the Ark and sends out a raven to find dry land. The bird is unsuccessful but eventually a dove fails to return, suggesting that it has found somewhere to make a home. Finally, more than a year after the first rains fell, God orders Noah and his family to leave the Ark and to begin the process of recolonizing the planet. Noah’s first move is to build an altar in honour of the God who has rescued him, and in return, God promises never to destroy his handiwork again. A gloomy vibe that turns out nice in the end.

General vibe of the Flood: Creation reversed

Factvibe: Some archaeologists believe the Flood occurred when melt water from the last Ice Age (10,000BC) flooded the area that is now the Black Sea

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Forecast: wet

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