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The Vibe of Zechariah

Zechariah jumps on the same vibe as Haggai and shakes a righteous stick at the tardy Israelites who have been dragging their heels with the Temple rebuilding project. He has a vision for the future and the vibe is good. It’s payback time for Israel’s enemies, God will protect his people, they will return to their homeland with God on their side, the Temple will be rebuilt, evil will be dealt with and vibes of purity will be unleashed. Peace vibes will reign and if everyone behaves and loves the same things that God loves, like justice, peace and truth, God will rescue them.

Zechariah sees far into the future and he predicts the life and death of Jesus who he says will be a good shepherd to the people of Israel. The vibe ends with a sting in its tail – God will return with his angels at the end of time and it will be pretty nasty for everyone who isn’t on his side. A feisty vibe with plenty of proof in the pudding.

General vibe of Zechariah: The good guys will win in the end.

Factvibe: Zechariah is one of only three books in the Bible that includes an end of the world vibe. The other two are Daniel and Revelation.

Seekers of the peace vibe need look no further than Zechariah

The Vibe of the Song of Songs

Written by King Solomon whose fondness for a pretty face is legendary, the Song of Songs is late night lady music through and through.

There’s a definite ‘Oh my goodness – do they know this in here?’ vibe. The Song of Songs is steamy. The Bible gone fruity. One long love poem between a man and a woman. It’s spring time and the happy couple are almost bursting with passion for each other.

Some say the vibe is a metaphor about God’s love for his Church. These people are prudes, there’s nothing to suggest Song of Songs is anything other than a poem about two people who want to get it on. The vibe is hot.

General vibe of the Song of Songs: Love.

Factvibe: The Song of Songs is one of only two books in the Bible that don’t mention God. The other God-free vibe is Esther.

Love is the vibe and the vibe is love

The Vibe of Ecclesiastes

There is a pretty gloomy teenage vibe to Ecclesiastes. Everything is meaningless and nothing we do has any point.

The vibe is that it is all ‘emptiness, chasing in the wind.’ The world is unfair but God will judge the bad people. No good will come to those who are only interested in material things, and life doesn’t always add up. Some good people die young, some evil people live a long life and in the end, we all die.

However, it’s not all black wallpaper and emo. God gives vibes of wisdom, knowledge and joy to those who please him and it is a gift from God that we can eat drink and be happy in return for an honest day’s work.

In short, we should enjoy life as much as we can, remembering that God calls everyone to account at the end. An up vibe after a lot of down ones.

General vibe of Ecclesiastes: Cheer up.

Factvibe: Ecclesiastes was written by King Solomon.

Moody, moody vibes.

The Vibe of the Proverbs

Proverbs has such a school vibe you expect it to wear a satchel and bring an apple for teacher. Written mainly by King Solomon, these nuggets of wisdom are aimed generally at youngsters and the grown ups who have to bring them into line. The parenting vibe might be seen by some as being a tad old fashioned but there are still some gems in there.

Proverbs is not just a book for parents, there are wisdom vibes for everyone and as it’s not written in any order, anyone can come along and dig in. Vibes include obeying God, thinking before you speak, keeping your libido in check, working hard, staying sober, being just and honest, being business savvy, being a good friend, an obedient child, a firm parent and a capable wife. A something for everyone vibe.

General vibe of Proverbs: Wise up.

Factvibe: Solomon married a Pharaoh’s daughter and borrowed a few vibes from the Egyptian thinker, Amenemope.

Proverbs: a bit of a school vibe

The Vibe of the Psalms

Given that the Psalms are songs, it’s not surprising that there is a singing and dancing vibe all the way through. It’s not much of a pop vibe – more Gospel. In fact, the Psalms were the hymn book for the Old Testament. No one can remember the tunes, which is a shame, and the rhymes get a bit lost in translation but the vibe is that these are generally songs about God and how good he is.

A lot of the psalms are written by David when he is on the run from the homicidal vibe of King Saul. Some of the psalms are upbeat, some are downbeat, there are happy psalms, sad psalms and in between psalms and the general vibe is that God is powerful, just, faithful and loving. And worth singing about.

General vibe of Psalms: Sing when you’re winning (or losing).

Factvibe: The Book of Psalms is the longest book in the Bible. 

The Bible gets its groove on: the vibe of Psalms

The Vibe of Job

Job is rich, he has a wife, he has kids, he has land, he has livestock. The vibe is good. God knows Job loves him and the Devil decides he wants to spoil it all.

However, God is so sure that Job will remain true to him he lets the Devil play some games to test him. Basically, any game that doesn’t involve Job dying is considered fair play. It’s not a very nice game and Job loses his children, his land, his animals and his health. His friends accuse him of some dark deeds that he must have done in the past to invoke God’s wrath and the vibe is low. But Job knows God has his reasons and he just has to go along with the pain, loss, grief and other hardships that get thrown his way.

In the end God is proved right, Job never once turns away or gives up. The Devil concedes defeat, Job’s friends look foolish and Job ends up richer and happier than ever with more kids and animals than he had before. A ‘turned out nice in the end’ vibe.

General vibe of Job: Trust God.

Factvibe: Despite appearing much later, Job’s vibe is set around the same time that many of the events in Genesis take place.

Games. The devil loves ’em. Such is the vibe of Job