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Keeping it Simple

Let’s imagine, for the sake of argument, the Bible could be split up into five managable pieces, each piece with it’s own unique vibe. Well, for the sake of convenience, this is what we have done with the Vible. Voilà les vibes!

The History Vibes
The Poetry Vibes
The Prophecy Vibes
The Gospel Vibes
The Letter Vibes

And for a very general overview of the whole vibe, I’ve split the Bible into two vibes. (Note to readers, I wasn’t the first person to do this)

The Old Testament
The New Testament

Introducing the Vible

It’s a big book, the Bible. You’d have to have a lot of time to read it. Hats off to those who make the effort, but for the rest of us it’s a dusty old tome that sits unread on a shelf (or in a bedside cabinet in a hotel room). But what if the stories inside the Bible were really good? How would we know? Shouldn’t someone maybe condense them? Take out the hard stuff and keep in the juice? Surely there’s room for such a Bible as this? A Bible that conveys the spirit of the stories without using all the long words? Just, well, the vibe of it? Has no one thought of doing such a thing? No? OK then, here it is – the Vible, vibe of the Bible.

Now, just to manage expectations, this is not the whole Vible, this is just the vibe of the Vible – the magnum opus that is the Vible resides at No friends, this blog is just a collection small vibes that escape daily from the Vible mothership and shoot through the vortex of the worldwide web to your interface of choice.

Enjoy the vibes!