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The Vibe of the Fruit of the Spirit

People are people and people are bad. Thus runs the vibe of the Fruit of the Spirit, seven lovely vibes that only true believers have access to. And because people are people, they can’t help screwing up. They are destructive, self centred, greedy, aggressive, angry, arrogant, cheating and many other vibes besides. Thanks to believers’ ability to channel the fruit of the spirit, all the bad impulses can be overruled. The fruit are named by Paul in his letter to the church in Galatia in modern day Turkey and include love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. However, these vibes are very broad, and need to be narrowed down a little. Love is the self-giving type that thinks of others first, joy is the elation that comes from being filled with the Holy Spirit and peace is the sense of serenity that comes with being at one with God. Patience is of the long-suffering and anti-revenge kind and kindness isn’t about being nice, it’s about doing the right thing to help people, hence the vibe ‘being cruel to be kind.’ Goodness is straightforward – this vibe is about being moral and virtuous. Faith keeps believers strong regardless of what hostilities they may face and gentleness keeps any headstrong, vengeful vibes away. Lastly, self-control is the power to have mastery over your own behaviour. The list is dished out by Paul in a letter that describes the new sense of freedom enjoyed by believers in Jesus. Or in other words, thanks to the Fruit of the Spirit, Christians have special superpowers that allow them to behave unlike other people and to break free from the old patterns of behaviour that usually end in tears, lawsuits or fisticuffs.

General vibe of the Fruit of the Spirit: Secret weapons for believers

Factvibe: The Greek word for peace, eirene, gives us the girl’s name, Irene

fruit cocktail

The fruits of the spirt aren’t the kind of fruits that can be peeled and kept in a can