The Vibe of Sin

Not to be muddled with Original Sin, sin is basically any vibe that disappoints God. Sadly for humans we can’t help acting in a way that falls short of the ideal set by Jesus. And this isn’t just the big stuff – robbing, stealing or running off with our neighbour’s wife – the vibe of sin is that the devil quite literally is in the detail. Gossiping tongues, potty mouths, wondering minds (and hands), game playing and selfish behaviour all get rolled up in one big bundle called sin. Tightwads? Greedyguts? Bossyboots? They all go in. There’s no escaping the stuff, it’s all around us and, so the Bible tells us, all inside us too. We are riddled with the stuff. In fact the very reason God sends Jesus is to show people what life looks like without the involvement of sin. Even that isn’t enough, we as people are almost too hardwired to doing wrong for there to be any hope for us. And just at the point when it looks like the whole thing is about to go beyond the point of no return, Jesus announces that anyone who believes in him and who is genuinely sorry for the trouble they’ve caused can have their slate wiped clean. Not only that, there is no end to the number of times this slate cleaning can happen. The vibe gets better – Jesus is still there with his soapy bucket and mop nearly two millennia after his official death. This act of being sorry for our sins is called repentance and the transaction where Jesus makes everything right again is called forgiveness. The vibe of sin appears to be with us for the long haul but so, thankfully, is the vibe of Jesus. A sin/win situation.

General vibe of sin: the bad that we think, say and do.

Factvibe: Many Christians hold to the democratic belief that all sins are equally bad

A red velvet cupcake - actually not in and of itself sinful.

A red velvet cupcake – actually not in and of itself sinful.


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