The Vibe of Revelation

Revelation has a cinematic action vibe. It begins with an angel handing the apostle John a scroll and telling him to write letters to seven churches, and the pace never slackens. John obeys the angel, puts pen to parchment and doesn’t mince his words. The churches have fallen way short of God’s expectations and John points the finger of wrath straight at them. The vibe is that Jesus is coming back and John’s vision continues in widescreen with Dolby stereo surround sound. He sees Heaven and is shown a scroll that contains the world’s destiny and various life ending disasters that will happen when the seals to the scroll are opened.

Trumpet blasts herald disasters of epic proportions but people still dig their heels in until one final trumpet introduces the dramatic arrival of the Kingdom of God. The Roman Empire is portrayed as dragons and beasts – the destroyers of religion. Seven angels appear to pass God’s judgement, seven more angels bring seven plagues on those who do evil and finally God triumphs. Babylon is overthrown, Satan is defeated and a new Jerusalem is built. Fists punch the air – Jesus is coming home. Soon.

General vibe: He’s coming back. 

Factvibe: Revelation was written on the Greek holiday isle of Patmos.

The trumpet: the instrument of choice in the book of Revelation

The trumpet: the instrument of choice in the book of Revelation

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