The Vibe of John’s Letters

There is a ‘time running out’ vibe to the three letters written by John. The world is about to end and John has business to attend to in order to put the house is in order. Followers of Jesus should accept that they sometimes mess up and should distance themselves from their old lives to keep the vibe holy.  We shouldn’t get distracted by worldly vibes because God is about to call time on the world. We need to live as much like Jesus as we can and we can’t do this if we have people in our lives who we hate.

We need to watch out for people who tell us Jesus isn’t the Son of God – their vibe is bad. Our job is to love other people the same way Jesus loves us. Loving others also means helping the poor and we should love with actions, not words. We should be careful what we believe as there are lots of fakers and spiritual wannabes out there. The vibe of love is strong – we should love each other, as God is in the love we show others. Anyone who does good is from God and with love we can overcome the world and live forever. A powerful, hopeful, feel-good vibe.

General vibe: God is love.

Factvibe: The John who writes these letters is the same John who writes the Gospel and the book of Revelation.

Hurry! The time-is-running-out vibe of John's letters

Hurry! The time-is-running-out vibe of John’s letters

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