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The Vibe of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

High drama and testosterone tear through this vibe. It’s a heavy metal all the way as Victory, War, Famine and Death are all represented by men on different coloured horses.

Victory rides a white horse and carries a bow but no arrows, War is on a red horse and carries a sword, Famine is on a black horse and carries weighing scales and Death is on a pale horse carrying nothing. The horsemen are given the power to destroy one quarter of the earth using only war, hunger, plague and wild beasts which, when it comes to it, is not a bad bag of guns.

The horsemen are seen as forerunners of the grand finale when Jesus comes back to judge the world and their thundering hooves provide one of the most terrifying vibes in the Bible. Run to the hills!

General vibe: Victory! War! Famine! Death!

Factvibe: Despite popular opinion, none of the horsemen represent plague.

The messengers of armageddon, on horses

The messengers of armageddon, on horses

The Vibe of Angels

Angels are God’s messengers. Their vibe is one of goodness, love, and protection. They show up like stage hands throughout the Old Testament, getting the job done. Who cares if the job that needs doing is guarding a tree, destroying a city or feeding a prophet – like a divine production company, angels are the people who make it happen.

In the New Testament their vibe is more one of information. Angels announce the births of John the Baptist and Jesus and show up en masse to tell a group of shepherds in Bethlehem that the birth of Jesus has just happened. An angel comforts Jesus on the night before his arrest. Angels roll the stone away from the tomb after Jesus has come back to life and an angel is on hand to show Jesus’ followers that the tomb is empty.

After Jesus has disappeared into Heaven, an angel frees Peter from prison and any number of angels are on hand in the Book of Revelation to unlock scrolls that explain how things are going to pan out when Jesus comes back. Angels look after us and the vibe is that we all have angels in Heaven who look out for our wellbeing. A nice, comforting yet informative soft towel after a cold swim kind of vibe.

General vibe: To protect and serve.

Factvibe: There is no mention anywhere in the Bible of angels having wings. 

General vibe of Angels: the Bible's backstage roadies

General vibe of Angels: the Bible’s backstage roadies

The Vibe of Revelation

Revelation has a cinematic action vibe. It begins with an angel handing the apostle John a scroll and telling him to write letters to seven churches, and the pace never slackens. John obeys the angel, puts pen to parchment and doesn’t mince his words. The churches have fallen way short of God’s expectations and John points the finger of wrath straight at them. The vibe is that Jesus is coming back and John’s vision continues in widescreen with Dolby stereo surround sound. He sees Heaven and is shown a scroll that contains the world’s destiny and various life ending disasters that will happen when the seals to the scroll are opened.

Trumpet blasts herald disasters of epic proportions but people still dig their heels in until one final trumpet introduces the dramatic arrival of the Kingdom of God. The Roman Empire is portrayed as dragons and beasts – the destroyers of religion. Seven angels appear to pass God’s judgement, seven more angels bring seven plagues on those who do evil and finally God triumphs. Babylon is overthrown, Satan is defeated and a new Jerusalem is built. Fists punch the air – Jesus is coming home. Soon.

General vibe: He’s coming back. 

Factvibe: Revelation was written on the Greek holiday isle of Patmos.

The trumpet: the instrument of choice in the book of Revelation

The trumpet: the instrument of choice in the book of Revelation

The Vibe of Jude

Jude rages at the new churches like an Old Testament prophet. He throws vibes of fury at people who have slipped under the radar and have started to change the rules. Their Godless message will have an unhappy ending, he warns – God will destroy them with vibes of doom. They are shepherds who feed only themselves and they are clouds without rain.

A cloud without rain? Utterly pointless!

A cloud without rain? Utterly pointless!

Jude reminds us that at the end of man’s time on Earth there will be trouble makers who will try and get God’s people to fight each other. We are to stand firm, keep the faith, say our prayers and wait for God to bring us eternal life. And everyone else can go to Hell.

General vibe: The rules are still the rules.

Factvibe: Jude was related to Jesus – possibly even one of his brothers.

The Vibe of John’s Letters

There is a ‘time running out’ vibe to the three letters written by John. The world is about to end and John has business to attend to in order to put the house is in order. Followers of Jesus should accept that they sometimes mess up and should distance themselves from their old lives to keep the vibe holy.  We shouldn’t get distracted by worldly vibes because God is about to call time on the world. We need to live as much like Jesus as we can and we can’t do this if we have people in our lives who we hate.

We need to watch out for people who tell us Jesus isn’t the Son of God – their vibe is bad. Our job is to love other people the same way Jesus loves us. Loving others also means helping the poor and we should love with actions, not words. We should be careful what we believe as there are lots of fakers and spiritual wannabes out there. The vibe of love is strong – we should love each other, as God is in the love we show others. Anyone who does good is from God and with love we can overcome the world and live forever. A powerful, hopeful, feel-good vibe.

General vibe: God is love.

Factvibe: The John who writes these letters is the same John who writes the Gospel and the book of Revelation.

Hurry! The time-is-running-out vibe of John's letters

Hurry! The time-is-running-out vibe of John’s letters