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The Vibe of John the Baptist

The last prophet to show up before the grand entrée of Jesus, John is a wild holy man who preaches vibes of hope to Israel. He is in the River Jordan baptising anyone who is truly sorry for their past misdemeanours, but tells them that the vibes of baptism will be stronger when the Messiah shows up – he is just preparing the way. John is proved right when Jesus comes along and steps aside to see if Jesus really is the one who God has sent.

John gets into hot water when he tells King Herod that he shouldn’t have married his dead brother’s wife – Herod doesn’t like John’s judgmental tone and slaps him in jail. Word comes to John in prison that Jesus really is the Messiah and that the vibes of Old Testament prophecy have been fulfilled. A satisfying, ‘job done’ vibe.

Despite his godly vibes – or because of them – John meets a grisly end. The daughter of Herod’s new wife dances for the king on his birthday and his offer of ‘whatever you want’ as a thank you gift gets taken at face value. Prompted by her mum, the girl asks for John’s head, on a dish. Despite not enjoying the vibe, Herod honours his promise and John is killed.

General vibe of the John the Baptist: Jesus is on his way.

Factvibe: John was vegetarian.

John's 'clean' vibe led to him ritually washing  - or baptising - anyone who wanted to be spiritually clean.

John’s ‘clean’ vibe led to him ritually washing – or baptising – anyone who wanted to be spiritually clean.

The Vibe of Bethlehem

Destined forever to carry with it a Christmas Carol vibe, Bethlehem makes its Bible entrée early. King David starts out as a shepherd here and is crowned King of Israel in the town, and Ruth works as a farm labourer and finds love here.

The vibe keeps a low profile until the point in history when BC is about to become AD when a Roman Governor, Quirinius decides to take a census. As everyone needs to be in their home town to register, Joseph takes his heavily pregnant wife, Mary, to Bethlehem. By the time Jesus is born in a Bethlehem stable, a star is hovering over the town and Bethlehem becomes the centre of the Earth with shepherds, wise men from the East and furious King Herod all beating a path to the stable door. It’s a hectic vibe but once the Holy Family have fled to the safety of Egypt, Bethlehem puts its feet up and takes it easy for the rest of the Bible.

General vibe of Bethlehem: Jesus born here.

Factvibe: Chinese and Korean stargazers saw a comet in the skies around 5BC which stayed in the same place for 70 days, a very similar vibe to the Star of Bethlehem.