The Vibe of Joseph

Joseph has the vibe of an extra in the great movie of the New Testament. Even the vibe that Jesus is ‘from the line of David‘ isn’t technically true – Joseph may be a direct descendant of King David but he isn’t officially Jesus’ dad, and no one knows whose parents Mary were.

Controversy apart, Joseph is a woodworker, sticks with Mary when she becomes pregnant through the Holy Spirit, organises a trip to Bethlehem for a census and has a timely dream after the birth of baby Jesus where he learns that King Herod is about to unleash war on his family. Joseph then ducks out of the story forever, probably retiring in Nazareth and shooting the breeze whilst sitting in a rocking chair of his own making.

General vibe of Joseph: Backstage hero.

Factvibe: As Joseph isn’t mentioned at the crucifixion of Jesus it’s likely that he died before things got messy.

The vibe of Joseph in a tool

The vibe of Joseph in a tool



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