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The Vibe of Joseph

Joseph has the vibe of an extra in the great movie of the New Testament. Even the vibe that Jesus is ‘from the line of David‘ isn’t technically true – Joseph may be a direct descendant of King David but he isn’t officially Jesus’ dad, and no one knows whose parents Mary were.

Controversy apart, Joseph is a woodworker, sticks with Mary when she becomes pregnant through the Holy Spirit, organises a trip to Bethlehem for a census and has a timely dream after the birth of baby Jesus where he learns that King Herod is about to unleash war on his family. Joseph then ducks out of the story forever, probably retiring in Nazareth and shooting the breeze whilst sitting in a rocking chair of his own making.

General vibe of Joseph: Backstage hero.

Factvibe: As Joseph isn’t mentioned at the crucifixion of Jesus it’s likely that he died before things got messy.

The vibe of Joseph in a tool

The vibe of Joseph in a tool


The Vibe of Mary

Mary has a sweet, kind, gentle vibe. She is the blue dressed, white veiled star of countless Nativity plays and is much loved by Roman Catholics. After she has brought Jesus into the world in a shed full of animals, she lies low, enjoying only a walk on part when her twelve year old son amazes senior clerics in the Jerusalem Temple. Not one to boast, Mary treasures everything that Jesus does as a child but keeps it to herself.

After the Temple episode, Mary takes a back seat and only reappears at the trial and execution of her son, a familiar, friendly face in a sea of hostility. A lovely, caring, motherly vibe.

General vibe of Mary: Mother of Jesus.

Factvibe: Mary would have been around 14 years old when Jesus was born.

The vibe of Mary on a plate

The vibe of Mary on a plate

The Vibe of the Nativity

The Nativity has a festive vibe to it, probably because it happens at Christmas. An angel appears to Mary and tells her that she has been chosen to give birth to the Messiah whose birth the Jews have been looking forward to for thousands of years. It’s an unexpected vibe for the girl as she isn’t married but the angel reassures her that the details will be taken care of by the Holy Spirit and so, without any involvement of her fiancé, a carpenter called Joseph, Mary finds herself in the family way.

After an arduous journey to Bethlehem to fill in a census, the young couple find the place is booked up and the only space they can find is a stable where their baby is born. The vibe is pretty unglamourous but the promise of good things to come arrives when three wise men from the east show up with exotic gifts fit for a king. They make the mistake of stopping off at Herod’s palace first, assuming the king would be born there, but Herod is overcome with jealousy: there can be only one king, and that king is Herod.

Meanwhile, some angels appear to a bunch of shepherds on the hills outside Bethlehem and they come to the stable to see the baby. Herod wastes no time and orders the death of all baby boys but God warns Joseph about this in a dream. The family escape to Egypt on the same donkey that brought them to Bethlehem and the vibe is stealthy and a bit precarious but high nonetheless.

General vibe of the Nativity: Peace on Earth, good will to all men.

Factvibe: The Nativity probably wasn’t in December. Given that there were sheep in the fields, the vibe points more towards October.


The vibe of the Nativity in an astronomical object.

The Vibe of Jesus

King of the New Testament, Jesus is pretty much the focus of every book. It’s an unlikely vibe to begin with. He is born in a stable to a couple of nobodies and lies low for the next thirty years before gathering a team of twelve men together to change the world.

The vibe of Jesus is a pretty upside down one – the first will be last, the poor will be rich and the meek will be powerful. He underlines his message of love to all people by telling quick, off the cuff stories and performing miraculoushealings. Better still, his message isn’t just for the Jews, it’s for everyone – even the occupying Roman army. Jesus teaches peace, love and justice. He shows equality to women and hangs out with criminals, prostitutes and lepers. Lots of people don’t get the vibe of Jesus though, especially the Jewish leaders who feel threatened by him.

The vibe turns bad when they conspire to kill him and this isn’t helped when the peoples’ expectations that Jesus will gather an army to fight the Romans are dashed. Disappointingly for them, Jesus arrives in Jerusalem on a donkey and allows himself to be arrested and killed. He’s betrayed by one of his closest friends, beaten, whipped and nailed to a cross like a criminal.

But the vibe hasn’t died – Jesus has more love to give. He stuns everyone by coming back to life, proving that he is the one who God has sent to make everything good again. Christians believe that Jesus is the vibe of God in human form and that his death was a once and for all grand finale sacrifice – from now on, we defer to him when we do stuff we’re not proud of and if we are sorry he’ll wipe the slate clean. Likewise if there’s stuff we need a higher power to sort out, he is higher power number one. All Christians have Jesus on a kind of cosmic speed-dial which they call prayer – a good tool to have in times of need. All in all, Jesus has a world changing, BC to AD, history making, day saving vibe.

General vibe of Jesus: Love each other.

Factvibe: Historians believe Jesus was probably born in 4BC.


Love is the vibe and the vibe is love!