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The Vibe of Job

Job is rich, he has a wife, he has kids, he has land, he has livestock. The vibe is good. God knows Job loves him and the Devil decides he wants to spoil it all.

However, God is so sure that Job will remain true to him he lets the Devil play some games to test him. Basically, any game that doesn’t involve Job dying is considered fair play. It’s not a very nice game and Job loses his children, his land, his animals and his health. His friends accuse him of some dark deeds that he must have done in the past to invoke God’s wrath and the vibe is low. But Job knows God has his reasons and he just has to go along with the pain, loss, grief and other hardships that get thrown his way.

In the end God is proved right, Job never once turns away or gives up. The Devil concedes defeat, Job’s friends look foolish and Job ends up richer and happier than ever with more kids and animals than he had before. A ‘turned out nice in the end’ vibe.

General vibe of Job: Trust God.

Factvibe: Despite appearing much later, Job’s vibe is set around the same time that many of the events in Genesis take place.

Games. The devil loves ’em. Such is the vibe of Job

The Vibe of Esther

Esther may be a fox but she is no ordinary eye candy. She has an iron nerve and ultimately saves the day. Her story begins when she is talent spotted to become part of King Xerxes’ harem and in no time she becomes Queen.

Meanwhile, the King’s number two decides to wipe the Jews off the face of the planet and persuades the King to buy into his genocidal vibe. Esther has kept her Jewishness under wraps as the Jews are foreigners and pretty low in the scheme of things in Persia.

Esther’s uncle manages to get an urgent message to her to ‘do something’ and save the Jewish people from disappearing forever. This involves Esther getting some time on her own with the King where she can ask him to change his mind. It’s a tough one – coming out as Jewish could go horribly wrong for both her and her people.

With the fate of hundreds of thousands of people in the balance, Esther approaches the King. Happily, the Disney vibe is strong, the meeting goes better than expected, Armageddon is called off, the baddie gets his come-uppance and the happiness vibe reigns.

General vibe of Esther: Not just a pretty face.

Factvibe: In Hebrew, Esther’s name means ‘myrtle’.

The vibe of Esther in an animal

The Vibe of Nehemiah

Nehemiah has the same kind of upbeat building vibe as Ezra. The Temple has been rebuilt in Jerusalem and the Jews have put their pagan intermarriage vibes behind them. Nehemiah himself is still in exile in Babylon where he has the important job of testing King Artaxerxes’ food to check it hasn’t been poisoned. The good news is that the king lets him head back to Jerusalem with some heavy construction equipment to rebuild the city walls. There are trouble makers who get in the way of the good work but the wall gets built, double quick. It is a positive new start for the Jews: many were dragged off into exile and only a small number are returning but they go back determined to stick to the heavenly rule book. High fives and good vibes all round.

General vibe of Nehemiah: We can do it.

Factvibe: Despite the detailed vibes telling us of the rebuilding work, many of the locations along Nehemiah’s wall can no longer be found.

The vibe of Nehemiah in a piece of headwear

The Vibe of Ezra

Ezra carries on the history vibe that has been passed from Samuel to Kings to Chronicles like an Olympic torch. And it’s a good news vibe. Babylon is now run by the Persians and the King of Persia is Cyrus, a straight up and down fellow who decides to let all the captives in his new empire go free and worship how they want.

This unexpectedly liberal vibe sets in motion a mass transit of people from Babylon back to Israel where they try and rebuild the Jerusalem Temple. There’s a spoiler vibe among some of the non Jewish settlers in Israel and thanks to their meddling, building work stalls. Then the new king of Persia, Artaxerxes finds the old decree that says the Jews can build their Temple and the renewed enthusiasm means the building is up in no time.

Ezra arrives from Babylon with treasure to fill the place and priests to run it and the vibe only falters when he makes everyone stand out in the rain while he tells them to get rid of their pagan wives. Most of the Israelites buy into this ‘keep yourselves to yourselves’ vibe and the nation fills with newly single women. And probably lots of tears.

General vibe of Ezra: This time, get it right.

Factvibe: A scribaholic, Ezra is thought to have also written the vibes of Nehemiah and Chronicles.

The ‘you’re free to go’ vibe of Ezra

The Vibe of Chronicles

Chronicles has got a definite schoolroom vibe to it. The Israelites are reminded how they came to be dragged kicking and screaming out of the Promised Land as POWs to someone else’s country.

The recapping continues and some might say there’s a bit of a repetitious vibe to the book but naughty children need to learn and the Israelites’ behaviour leading up to their defeat by Babylon was pretty unruly.

Still, there is hope. The Israelites are free to go back to their homeland and the lessons in Chronicles are being given to prepare them for what lies ahead.

Compared to the state of the art metropolis of Babylon that the Israelites have become accustomed to, Israel has a third world vibe so going home will be no walk in the park. A sleeves rolled up, best foot forward vibe.

General vibe of Chronicles: Don’t do it again.

Factvibe: The last two verses of Chronicles are also the first two verses of the next vibe, Ezra. 

Chronicles. A bit of a school vibe.

The Vibe of Elijah and Elisha

Elijah has a superhuman vibe. He is the uberprophet. Fed by ravens and protected by a foreign widow, he bursts onto the scene with a head to head face off between God and the pagan idol, Baal. God wins and Elijah is chased off by Queen Jezebel who is Baal’s biggest supporter. He hides in a cave where angels feed him and after a storm, an earthquake and a fire, God whispers to him that he has chosen Elisha to carry on his work.

Elijah sticks around long enough to give Israel’s evil king Ahab a ticking off for killing a man for his vineyard, and to tell Ahab’s son he will die for worshipping idols. He dies in flamboyant style – taken up to Heaven in a whirlwind.

Elisha carries on Elijah’s good work in businesslike fashion and performs lots of miracles, a vibe appreciated by Israel’s kings. He saves Israel from defeat by the Assyrians, gets rid of Baal worship, sees Ahab and Jezebel’s reign end in ruin and cures the captain of the enemy Assyrian army of leprosy. God’s vibes are now appreciated by Israel’s enemies and the message is bold – God is for everyone.

General vibe of Elijah and Elisha: It helps to have God on your side.

Factvibe: Unlike the other great Biblical prophets, Elisha and Elijah didn’t write their vibes down.

The vibe of catering in the story of Elijah and Elisha